After Dark Award
“Outstanding Performance” - Book of Days (Raven Theatre)
Jeff Citation Nomination
“Actress In Supporting Role” - Dead End (Griffin Theatre)
Scene Stealers: Actors to Watch  - Chicago Tribune
"(Cora Vander Broek) seems to improve every ensemble in which she finds herself.  Funny, self-aware, self-effacing, passionate and unflaggingly honest, no Chicago fringe actress more deserves a shot at the big time."


"Fall's excellent production, rooted in a specific time and place, gets first-rate performances form Cliff Chamberlain and Cora Vander Broek as a couple caught up in the contradictions of capitalism." -Michael Billington | The Guardian. SOUPS,STEWS,AND CASSEROLES: 1976 | GOODMAN THEATRE

"Vander Broek, playing the author's most sympathetic character, bursting with so much heart, energy and vitality that you intuit what this woman could have achieved with more opportunity outside of Kevin Depinet's period-specific Wisconsin home setting." -Chris Jones | Chicago TribuneSOUPS,STEWS,AND CASSEROLES: 1976 | GOODMAN THEATRE

"Cora Vander Broek brings the perfect intelligence and understanding to her role"-Hedy Weiss | Chicago Sun Times. SOUPS,STEWS,AND CASSEROLES: 1976 | GOODMAN THEATRE

SOUPS,STEWS,AND CASSEROLES: 1976 | Goodman Theatre.

SOUPS,STEWS,AND CASSEROLES: 1976 | Goodman Theatre.

"It's Vander Broek's show; she's damn good!"  -LA Weekly.
 -WHERE WE STARTED | Indie Feature Film with Theoretical Entertainment.
WHERE WE STARTED  | Independent Feature Film | Theoretical Entertainment.

WHERE WE STARTED  | Independent Feature Film | Theoretical Entertainment.

"Damon Kiely's straight-up production has some very strong scenes: At one point, the entire opening-night audience felt like Vander Broek's seething Patty Ann was going to come after them with her iron." - Chicago Tribune.  LUCK OF THE IRISH | NEXT THEATRE, CHICAGO.
"Cora Vander Broek in an 'admirably uncompromising turn' as the 'ferocious, resentful wife Patty Ann.' -Chicago Sun-Times.  LUCK OF THE IRISH | NEXT THEATRE, CHICAGO.
"The demanding Cora Vander Broek [is] outstanding." -Katy Walsh, The Fourth Walsh.  LUCK OF THE IRISH | NEXT THEATRE, CHICAGO.
"Vander Broek is a thrilling choice to portray Catherine Givings. When Vander Broek pushes against the walls of Victorian morality, her expressions flutter from a bird in a cage to a cat pressed up against the bars." -Thirdcoast Digest.  IN THE NEXT ROOM (or the vibrator play) | ACTORS THEATRE OF LOUISVILLE & MILWAUKEE REPERTORY.
"Disconnections abound in Ruhl’s world.  They are embodied most powerfully by Givings’s wife, Catherine, brilliantly played by Cora Vander Broek." -Inside Milwaukee. IN THE NEXT ROOM (or the vibrator play) | ACTORS THEATRE OF LOUISVILLE & MILWAUKEE REPERTORY.
IN THE NEXT ROOM/THE VIBRATOR PLAY | Actors Theatre of Louisville.

IN THE NEXT ROOM/THE VIBRATOR PLAY | Actors Theatre of Louisville.

"Cora Vander Broek stands out from a rock-solid cast . . .  delivering just the sort of offhanded performance needed to keep Rogers's story from feeling over-thought." -Chicago Reader.  MADAGASCAR | NEXT THEATRE, CHICAGO.
"HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Vander Broek paints a fine portrait of a trapped and wounded young woman who feels too much." -Chicago Sun Times. MADAGASCARNEXT THEATRE, CHICAGO.
"This smart trio of actors handles Rogers’s modern-life observations with brio. And Weber, Roman and Vander Broek add tantalizing layers to their characters." -Time Out Chicago. MADAGASCARNEXT THEATRE, CHICAGO.
MADAGASCAR | Next Theatre, Chicago.

MADAGASCAR | Next Theatre, Chicago.

"[Vander Broek] gives a truly remarkable performance that constantly knocks you off center and perpetually draws your eye." -Chicago Tribune.  ALL MY SONSTIMELINE THEATRE, CHICAGO.
"Janet Ulrich Brooks and Cora Vander Broek are ferocious as Kate and Ann. CRITICS CHOICE."  -Chicago Reader.  ALL MY SONSTIMELINE THEATRE, CHICAGO.
 ALL MY SONS | TimeLine Theatre, Chicago.

 ALL MY SONSTimeLine Theatre, Chicago.

“In a performance that’s both convincingly period and thrillingly contemporary, supple, quivering Vander Broek makes the whole show work. –Time Out Chicago. DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE | NORTHLIGHT THEATRE, CHICAGO.
“Vander Broek is good enough to elbow her way into the character’s manipulating psyche and yet still make an audience care about her fate.  There’s a Chicago-style hunger to Vander Broek’s performance that both celebrates Nina’s ambitions and subtly undermines them.” -Chicago Tribune. THE SEAGULLRAVEN THEATRE, CHICAGO.
On Sunday night's opening, [Vander Broek's] breakdown socked you right in the gut.” -Chicago Tribune.  DEAD ENDGRIFFIN THEATRE, CHICAGO.
...See it for Vander Broek.  She’s so spot-on and subtle as Wilson’s sensible heroine, it’s tough to imagine anybody else playing her.” -Time Out Chicago.  BOOK OF DAYS | RAVEN THEATRE, CHICAGO.
“(Cora Vander Broek) delivers one of the finest performances seen so far this year.” -Gay Chicago Magazine.  BOOK OF DAYS | RAVEN THEATRE, CHICAGO.